Tracr Community Portal

Tracr Q2 2019 Community Update

Jim Duffy (CEO, Tracr) gives an introduction into the Community Portal, the progress of the Tracr Platform Beta and answers some frequently asked questions while Nik Lamprou (Data Science Lead, Tracr) provided an overview of Tracr's Diamond Traceability service.

Tracr drives value for consumers and businesses in the following ways


Increase efficiency via a connected Supply Chain platform


Retain value within the industry


Attract new sources of value through a robust Application Ecosystem

The Tracr Platform is a balance of three essential capabilities

Industry Data Strategy

Tracr is creating interoperability of digital systems across the diamond industry by creating a common data language.
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Industry 4.0 is powered by an Internet of Value Platform

The Internet of Value is considered the third generation of the internet, which allows us to exchange value, as fast as we exchange information.
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It's essential that Tracr is governed by the diamond industry, for the diamond industry. Only through collective governance can the industry respond to the requirements of provenance, authenticity and traceability.

More info on the Tracr Association coming soon.

The Tracr Team events schedule

We'll be attending the following Diamond Industry and Tech events

25 – 26 July 2019,
World Blockchain Summit, Singapore

28 – 29 July 2019,
Jewlers of America National Convention, NYC, USA

19 – 21 August 2019, Web3 Summit, Berlin, Germany

9 September 2019,
CIBJO Seminar at Vicenzaoro Jewellery Fair, Vicenza, Italy

18 – 22 September 2019,
Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, Hong Kong

10 – 11 October 2019,
Festival of Marketing, London, UK