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The Tracr platform uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to create a unique digital ID for each diamond (Tracr ID). This digital ID is linked to information about its origin, characteristics, and ownership history of each Tracr-registered diamond. This allows for the reliable and secure traceability of diamonds throughout the supply chain, and provides a way for consumers to establish that their diamonds are ethically sourced and complies with ethical standards such as the Kimberley Process.

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Commonly asked questions

How does Tracr work?

Tracr employs several cutting-edge technologies to create a unique tamper-proof digital fingerprint for individual diamonds, allowing them to be traced from source through each stage of manufacture and all the way to end-consumer, recording each step of the process on the way.

What information is stored on Tracr?

Tracr records essential information around the source, the weight of the rough diamond, how the rough diamond was manufactured and the finished polished measurements of the diamond.

Tracr is also capable of storing additional information such as videos or images, grading reports and inscription numbers.

Why is blockchain important to Tracr?

Blockchain enables Tracr to check diamond data against an immutable database, giving users confidence that their data has not been tampered with.

Is my data on Tracr secure?

Yes. Tracr works to ensure the highest standards of security and privacy for all its participants.