The future of diamond traceability

Tracr™ is the world’s leading digital platform for tracing natural diamonds from source at scale, bringing you the ability to explore the provenance, authenticity and the unique journey your diamond has taken along the diamond value chain.

Tracr combines the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to trace a diamond from source, giving consumers enhanced confidence in its origin and legacy.

Tracr provides a secure and immutable traceability solution where each step of a diamond’s journey through the value chain can be recorded, with compliance to best practices.

Tracr assurance means we have traced your diamond from source, and created a secure record which includes both its provenance and certifications such as grading and inscription reports.  

Tracr allows the journey of your diamond to be documented from source, while creating a secure and immutable record which can host a rich range of information including provenance, grading certifications and inscription reports.

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Tracr leverages the Internet of Things, the power of Artificial Intelligence and our secure blockchain technology to provide confidence in the diamond supply chain.

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Commonly asked questions.

How do I find out more?

For more information about Tracr please contact us.

Are you hiring?

We’d love to hear from talented candidates interested in joining Tracr. For further information see our careers page.

How do I access support?

Active users of Tracr can access the Tracr support portal to find information and guidance on how to use Tracr.

Can I promote my diamonds on Tracr?

Tracr is primarily a diamond provenance and storytelling platform. Accordingly, participants on Tracr can use the platform to strengthen their claims around authenticity and provenance.

Where can I buy diamonds registered on Tracr?

Tracr aims to be widely available as a source of information for purchasers of natural diamonds and is already working with several major retailers.

Ask your retailers for details of any diamonds they have carrying the Tracr ID.